About Us

Our Mission
HealthyWomen is dedicated to educating women in the middle — ages 35 to 64 — so they can make informed health decisions, advocate for themselves and prioritize their health and wellness.

Our Values
We are guided by our values:

Trusted Partner: We educate and engage women by providing them with scientifically-reviewed, evidence-based information that allows them to make informed health choices to live well and age well.
Independent Voice: Our reputational value to our stakeholders is in serving as the leading source of women’s health information, which we execute on through transparency in all relationships and collaborations.
Digital Excellence: Every day, we work to serve women by providing access to timely, inspiring and enduring online content.
Thought Leadership: Our ability to grow, innovate and shape the future of women’s health is to set the agenda and to share our knowledge with stakeholders.

Our Work

We achieve our mission of educating women to make informed health choices by connecting with women through fact-based, expert-sourced content, and creative evidence-based programming. We keep women’s health part of the national dialogue by raising awareness to decision makers about the impact health policy has on women and families. And we work collaboratively with partner organizations and alliances to reach more women.

Some of our work is created with support by the generous support of our funders. We implement timely, evidence-based educational programs, national events and campaign initiatives on specific topics important to women and their health. The support allows us to create educational content grounded in science, free of commercial bias, and widely accessible to all.